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MILAN | 19.03. – 20.03.2025

Festival for cyber pioneers, data heads and digital minds.

Welcome to

tech.Stars Milano – the ultimate tech extravaganza. Are you searching for a platform to challenge the norms and object the old and rusty? Do you want to celebrate innovation and have a playground for your techy mind to unfold? tech.Stars Milano is crafted with you in mind.

A two-day tech blitz in the heart of Italy, delivering challenges, discussions, and solutions across diversity & inclusion; sustainability; finance, banking & insurance; healthcare, automotive and retail.

Unfog your mind: it’s about you, the trailblazer, the innovator, the forward-thinker.

And as the sun sets, dive into a festival of live performances – your heart racing, your inner geek grooving. Ready for a night of tech, beats, and eats?

Here is your personal invitation to join us at the ultimate tech playground. Your ideas are the spotlight, and the stage is yours! Register your interest now.


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Meet us at
Superstudio Piu

Milan’s premier event venue where creativity knows no bounds. With ample space for workshops, networking, and live performance the venue we chose for tech.STARS offers the perfect backdrop for collaboration and festival vibes.

Located in the vibrant Tortona district, surrounded by fellow innovators, we’re poised to make this event unforgettable. Count on our dedicated team to provide top-notch support and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Investment & Policy

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Big Data & Ai

Join us at the Big Data & AI Arena, where innovation and groundbreaking ideas collide in our dynamic data-driven community. Dive into scintillating discussions on analytics, machine learning, and big data infrastructure, while shaping the future of our industry through investment and policy initiatives. Experience captivating presentations, interactive demos, and networking opportunities. Be part of our vibrant community driving the evolution of big data and AI!

Data Centre

Welcome to Data Centre Arena: Where Innovation Meets Investment!

Explore hot topics like hyper-scalability, edge data centers, and Generative AI (GAI). Connect with industry leaders, policymakers, and investors to shape the future of data centers. Don't miss our electrifying awards ceremony celebrating outstanding contributions. Be part of the dynamic community driving innovation and investment in data centres!


I want to be a STAR

Elevate your expertise and make waves in the tech world by speaking at tech.STARS.

With a platform curated by industry icons, you’ll engage in dynamic debates, workshops, and fireside chats, showcasing your thoughts and insights to a European audience. Whether you have a groundbreaking case study to share or a captivating topic to explore, seize the opportunity to become a star and contribute to our community. Let your voice be heard!



Where innovation meets community. Step into our vibrant tech arena and connect with like-minded individuals, showcase your products, and immerse yourself in the spirit of collaboration. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Road to 2025


Our community-driven meetups in Italy and across Europe unites the AI & Data Centre communities. We are all about discussing practical applications of data and AI across various industries, including discussions on the effects of AI on data centers in a fun and relaxed environment.


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