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The pulsating hub of our dynamic data-driven community, where innovation, technology, and groundbreaking ideas collide in an electrifying fusion of knowledge and creativity!

Big Data & AI Arena

At tech.STARS’ Big Data & AI Arena, we’re not just about exploring the latest trends – we’re also committed to driving forward investment in cutting-edge technologies and shaping policies that will define the future of our industry.
Over two exhilarating days, immerse yourself in scintillating discussions on a wide range of hot topics, including data analytics, machine learning, big data infrastructure, data privacy, and the transformative power of AI. But that’s just scratching the surface – we’ll also deep dive into vital issues such as investment opportunities, regulatory policies, and ethical considerations that are reshaping the landscape of big data and AI.

Connect with thought leaders, policymakers, and investors at our networking events, workshops, and roundtable discussions. This is your opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that will drive innovation and investment in our ever-evolving industry.

And don’t miss the crowning moment of the event – our electrifying awards ceremony, where we’ll come together to celebrate the remarkable contributions of our community members who are shaping the future of big data and AI through their visionary projects and policy initiatives.


Become an integral part of our vibrant community, where innovation, investment, and policy converge to shape the destiny of big data and AI!